School & Nursery Photography

Working with children is not something every photographer excels at but Dominic Holden has had years of practice and is ideally suited to this work.

Patient, pleasant and a parent himself, Dominic takes the time to help schools capture those special moments that they, the children and their parents love to revisit again and again.

Types of School & Nursery Photography

This can include a particular event to “life in the day” for the website, school prospectus, school productions or sporting events to pupil and class group photographs. Dominic can manage the whole process – from photography to ordering, printing, supplying and offering schools great commission returns on sales.

Pupil Portraits Class Group Photography

We offer a varied range of print packages for both the pupil photography and class groups.  Packs are available from a single print to a large multi-print pack or just images on CD for your parents.  I am also able to supply school with the pupil images for school use.

Dominic’s technical skills and easy manner ensure just the right shot is accomplished with the minimum of fuss. He is also DBS-checked and used to working within school protocols.

“I always enjoy working with children,” stated Dominic. “They’re totally honest and always natural. The trick is just to capture the very essence of them that the people who love them recognise so well.”

Dominic has worked with many educational establiments from private nursery schools to 6th form colleges around the region.

Contact Dominic to discuss the photography of your school or nursery directly.


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